Integrated banking system

Integrated Banking System

Standfore, a leading banking front end platform, which is tailor-made for a successful banking company of today. Any modern banking executive knows that the post-recession banking climate is a complex mixture of clients, regulations, and middlemen. Customers have ever-increasing demands and vendors constantly flow in and out of the company’s system. Banks should focus on providing capital, thrift, and investment services, instead of spending their time managing what their customer interface looks like. This is where Standfore’s unique product base plays a role in aiding the greater success of the banking sector. More about Standfore’s products you can read on banking software website it will be very useful.

Standfore provides a full customer care experience to its exclusive clientele. Its basic user interface can help facilitate the connections necessary for retail banking. Retail customers can discover, use, and access all of a bank’s services beyond the clunky homepages that dominate the typical banking sector website. Standfore provides tools to help with online and mobile banking. These tools are smart, safe, and help users plan to save and invest their wealth. Standfore also has the tools necessary to create a virtual branch of a bank – standfore online, allowing the user to engage in teller activities and change their investment portfolio all from the comfort of their own home.

Stepping back from the individual level, Standfore provides a template for the modern bank to provide numerous other functions and services. It allows for easy functionality and quick, seamless changes to any number of web page attributes. Services can be easily uploaded and discarded from the customer interface. The UI/UX interface also allows the company to make graphic and design changes much faster than with a traditional web layout. Standfore allows the company to save money that would otherwise be spent on multiple websites and behind numerous paywalls.

Standfore will not only help you manage the clients that you have. Its patented interface will help recruit new clients and facilitate the growth of the company. Standfore allows for greater customer communication with the bank. It presents detailed user statistics in order for the bank to know what works and what does not work, and where more resources need to be allocated. The company also offers an integrated banking system, it takes the basic architecture of the bank interface and translates it into advertisements, notifications, banners, and engagement. Standfore then tracks the performance of its products and facilitates different techniques of expanding or contracting services based on the success of the marketing campaign.

Once the company reaches a certain size, it is time to acquire and merge with other companies. Standfore helps facilitate this process as well. The company offers a series of tools to help ease the integration of different bank systems and to more properly allocate resources in the new, combined company. Standfore also helps promote financial stability and greater awareness of resources and connections between groups of employees, clients, and capital. Finally, Standfore allows for licensing migration and management to smooth over some of the legal and technical barriers to a clean merger.

Standfore’s products speak for themselves with such success cases as Societe Generale, a major French bank which has cut costs and optimized resources using this product. But this product does not only work for global corporations and large-scale operations. Every bank, large and small, limited or broad, needs the kind of user interface products and services that Standfore offers.